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Not far from ON THE RIVER APARTMENTS is Bellingham Maze | Tanawha, Sunshine Coast

Fun for the whole family

Bellingham Maze

Now here’s a fun attraction for all ages, from little kids to grandparents! There’s the huge garden maze to find your way around, and new to the maze in 2011 is an 18 hole, par two mini golf course! Then there’s a tyre maze, rope maze and two tile puzzle mazes! For more brain teasing fun, play with the metal and wooden brain-teasing puzzles in the cafe, and if you can’t figure it out buy one from the puzzle shop, it stocks a great range of puzzles and intriguing Klutz interactive books.

Really good fun -The kids will talk about it for ages.

Stay with us at ON THE RIVER < Maroochydore to make it a great weekend

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